Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cunning Single Lady (Ongoing): Review

Since my last drama post is all about a divorced couple who meets each other after six years (Emergency Couple), I might as well just make it a trend and talk about another drama that revolves around a divorced couple. Although it is possible for you to go, "Not another divorced couple drama!", I would still like to point out that the similarity of the two ends with the fact that both the leads are divorced. Other than that, the plot is very much different, so is the setting.

I hope I got your attention with my introduction paragraph and if I did, then I guess it's time for me to introduce you to "Cunning Single Lady". It is my number one favorite drama at the moment, just a tad bit higher than Emergency Couple. The reason behind this is because Lee Min Jung stars in this drama. If you're not aware, Lee Min Jung is one of my favorite Korean actresses of all times, alongside Moon Chae Young, Kim Tae Hee and Jeon Ji Hyun. Oh, and Song Hye Kyo too! So yeah, with her being in this drama, it instantly gets an automatic additional of 10 points for my like-ability meter. And mind you, my meter has 10.5 as its upper limit so it literally only needs a little push for me to over-like it.

Anyway, if everything still seems blurry to you because you're not aware who Lee Min Jung is, then I would like to slap you on the face! Just kidding! Of course I wouldn't do that to a lovely reader. (Virtual Hug- ON) Instead, I would be more than willing to try and help you get to know this great actress named Lee Min Jung by refreshing your memory on where you might have seen her. I first saw Lee Min Jung through Boys Over Flowers (Korean version, of course). She was the short (not super short) haired girl who was set up to be Goo Jun Pyo's wife. If you didn't watch that, then you might have seen her as the lead of Smile You (with Jung Kyung Ho- SNSD Sooyoung's boyfriend) or Big (with Gong Yoo- Coffee Prince). If you still haven't watched those two then you probably have never seen her before, except maybe if you've been to a boutique of a Korean cosmetics brand Skinfood, which she apparently models for. Anyway, I love this actress so much. She is one of the most beautiful person I've ever seen on screen (cause obviously, I haven't seen her in real life yet). I can only wish to be as pretty as her but I know that's really far from happening but anyway, her chemistry with Joo Sang Wook in this drama is just soooo good. I think the casting director made such a good job in getting both of them as leads.


Oh, and before I forget, I think it is only fair for me to mention a little something about the lead actor too since I kind of babbled away while talking about Lee Min Jung earlier. For me, Joo Sang Wook is a familiar face although I keep on forgetting his name. (Don't fret, I will have his name stored in my brain by the time this drama ends.) I saw him in a drama called Good Doctor (another great drama with Moon Chae Won and Joo Won). His role was the head of the pediatrics surgery department- Dr. Kim Do Han. And yes, this is where my little something about Joo Sang Wook story ends. I don't mean to be biased with Lee Min Jung but I have yet to get to know him some more for me to write a longer paragraph dedicated to him.

Now that you've found about the two main leads, let me talk to you about the plot of the drama. It talks about two divorcees. Immediately after having the divorce filed, the guy became a successful IT businessman. He became DonTalk (a company similar to Line)'s CEO while the girl remained struggling as a regular employee in a boutique. After a series of unfortunate events, Na Ae Ra decided to find her ex-husband, get into his company and work under the same environment.

This is indeed a romantic comedy and Lee Min Jung lived up to my expectations. She's actually good with roles like these. On the other hand, I was very surprised that Joo Sang Wook is actually also doing well. He was very serious in Good Doctor and it was just hard for me to imagine him doing comedy. And now that I've seen him do it, I actually feel like he fits comedy too!

Lastly, if you are an Infinite (K-Pop) fan, a reason for you to watch this is L!!! He stars as Cha Jung Woo's assistant.

As you can probably tell, I only have praises for this drama. You might have a different opinion, I'm okay with that. I just basically wanted to share this because I didn't want you to miss out on this drama, if you have the same drama taste as me.

Oh, this is off topic but tomorrow, I'm going for a job interview. Hopefully, everything goes well. Please pray for me,

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