Thursday, April 24, 2014

K-Pop Star 3 Finale: My Thoughts

If you've been following me for quite some time now, you would know that I'm addicted to this Korean audition program called K-Pop Star. Right now, I'm watching the third season. I loved the second season although I wasn't able to finish it (daebaksubs had to stop subbing because of copyright claims, etc. etc.). For this very reason, I had high expectations with the third. I expected to see fresh and new talents that I would root for.

 Top Ten

The overall search from regionals to top ten selection was really interesting for me to watch since there were a lot of aspiring youngsters who had so much talent in them. Although not everyone I cheered for made it to top ten, I was still happy they were given enough exposure during the selection. Among them is Peter Han, Heong Jeong Hee and Brody.


 Kwon Jin Ah

When top ten was chosen, I was particularly drawn to Kwon Jin Ah and Something. Something didn't make it to the live broadcast. It was really heartbreaking as I wanted to see more of the duo. I really hope they get casted in an agency and debut soon. Kwon Jin Ah, however, did pretty well! She reached until top three and was eliminated just before the grand finale. It was such a pity since I really had this feeling that Kwon Jin Ah had the qualities of a K-Pop Star. I'm crossing my fingers, though, that an agency casts her and make her debut possible. I really consider her as the winner. Watch her perform Sunmi's 24 Hours here:

I only have one episode to go and I can't wait to find out who the winner is! I will be saving this post and get back as soon as I finish the whole program and find out who the winner is. I'm so excited!


I just finished the whole season and was shocked to find out that Bernard Park won! I really thought Sam would take over because he always had a lot of fans in the background. Nevertheless, I'm happy for Bernard Park. I really wish he achieves his dream through this and get to help his family.

Another thing I was happy about is that all the contestants I liked were there in the finale: Peter Han, Something and Kwon Jin Ah (the winner in my heart)!!! Yay! :)

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