Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Centimeters Per Second: Review

5 Centimeters Per Second is one of those movies that I had such high expectations for but didn't quite meet them. Don't get me wrong, though. I don't hate the movie. In fact, for reasons I cannot explain, I like the movie. I'm not a slice of life story fan. In fact, I find them boring and I usually think the pacing is too slow for my taste. If you didn't already know what I like, I'm into romantic comedy stories so slice of life stories don't really appeal to me that much.

To me, 5 Centimeters Per Second is a romantic slice of life kind of story. It is a chain of short stories revolving one guy from his teenage years up until he became a working man in modern times. It was divided into three chapters. The first chapter was all about Takaki's first love, Akari, how they got separated and their short but sweet love story. The second chapter was still all about Takaki Tono and his days when he moved to Tanegashima, his good friend Kanae, and her unrequited love. The third chapter focuses in the modern times when Takaki was already grown up and Akari is preparing for a marriage with another man. They pass by each other under a cherry blossom tree where they decided to watch the cherry blossoms thirteen years in the past.

At first, I gotta be honest, I found it boring. I didn't like the first chapter. I had too many unnecessary comments regarding each scenes and basically, I just didn't find it interesting. The second chapter, however, made me take interest. I particularly liked Kanae's character. I like how genuine her feelings for Takaki is, even at such a young age. I can't really talk about it so much since I would probably drop some spoilers if I do, since each chapters are too short to summarize.

All in all, I wouldn't include this movie in my must-see list but I would definitely recommend it if you're into romantic slice of life stories. Here's the trailer, for those who are interested.

My friend Jade is leaving for UK today so I just want to wish her good luck and a safe flight. I'm not sure if she will be reading this but either way, since she's an important person in my life, I want to make her a part of this blog post.

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