Monday, April 21, 2014

EXO-M: Overdose!!!

credits to owner

I haven't even typed out my post for the day on my main blog and here I am, on my drama blog, creating a post, when in fact, I don't have to. I don't know if you've seen the trend already but I basically blog everyday. I have two blogs that are currently active. This one and my beauty blog. Just to be fair and organized, I have decided to blog every other day for each blog. Yesterday, I already posted in this blog which means today is meant to be for my other blog. I was about to write down an awesome Sample Room review when I saw the news about EXO-M's performance of Overdose!

Due to the Sewol ferry tagedy, EXO-K's comeback has been delayed to give way for grieving on that very unfortunate incident. I completely understand this chain of events so I wasn't actually expecting any EXO comeback news until later but I read that EXO-M already performed the song through Global Chinese Music! I immediately watched it and (as I expected) I was completely taken over their performance. Really, 'someone call the doctor' please. Because EXO has really got me! Watch their performance below!

EXO! I want you! Luhan! You've got me! *fangirling*

I know I can be shallow at times. I like certain artists because they are physically attractive (so on and so forth) but one thing is for sure with EXO. They are not only attractive but they're also talented! I love their singing, dancing and overall performance. Also, I like their songs! They're one of the few artists that I like to listen to (the whole album). I can't wait for the mini album to be released. Keep it up EXO! I hope you come and visit Philippines again. :)


Mara Loyola said...

I'm an exo fan-girl too <3

Anna Luisa said...

Hi Mara! Glad to meet another EXO fangirl! ^^ Are you planning to watch their concert here? :)