Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Angel Eyes: My Thoughts

I have finally decided on a new Korean drama to follow, now that my previous favorite "Emergency Couple" has ended. Out of all the new and fairly new dramas out there, I chose to watch Angel Eyes. It is a drama starring Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers). I have high expectations on the drama because of Goo Hye Sun and because the plot is very interesting for me.

 I love their young love story. Sooo sweet!

 Oh, and VIPs??? BigBang's Seungri is a part of the cast! I saw the preview of the 3rd episode and I seriously cracked up when I saw Seungri during Basic Life Support training! I can't wait to watch episode 3!

It is all about finding each other's first love after 12 years. Yoon Soo Wan used to be a strong and lonely girl who, because of an accident, lost her sense of sight. She met Park Dong Joo, a boy who's always fancied her, even after finding out about her disability. They started a romantic relationship but eventually had to separate because of filial responsibilities. Twelve years later, they meet again. Only this time, Soo Wan has already received a donor for her eye operation and can now see.

Although this is not exactly the genre that I lean towards to, the plot seems interesting enough for me to be hooked. The story is very well paced and the characters were nicely built up. I also like the choices for actors and actresses. I'm currently on Episode 3 and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Are you also planning to follow this drama? If you do, let me know down below in the comment section.

For today's featured performance, I have Racoon Boys with Park Jae Hyung during their Dream Stage "Toxic" performance in K-Pop Star 2. I came across this performance because yesterday I shared 2000 won's new song "I Hate Seoul" and that reminded me of the Racoon Boys, who I hope debut together someday. I know the three has already separated ways but I still have this thread of hope within me.  They were so good together. Park Jae Hyung, however, has become a part of 5Live. I sincerely thought it would be great if these four people debuted together but seeing as Jae Hyung is already doing well with 5Live, I'm still glad.


Anonymous said...

love love this drama,already watched episode 1 to 4, you gat to catch up goo hye sun ending moments in ep 4 such an amazing the chemistry of the two leads. such a great drama cant wait for episode 5.

Anna Luisa said...

Hi Anon(April16): I also can't wait for episode 5!!! I agree with you. Goo Hye Sun is such a great actress! :)