Thursday, March 27, 2008

.hotaru no hikari.



Hotaru works for a famous interior design company. It's a glamorous job but Hotaru's private life is totally the opposite of glamorous. She lives alone, and when she isn't working she's mostly lazing about her rented house in training wear. She's not interested in men. In fact, she isn't interested in anything. "I'd rather lay around than fool around," is her motto.

Her landlord is a bar owner, and one day his son, who has just separated from his wife, comes to inspect the rental property, not knowing that someone is living there. He is shocked at the mess, but not as shocked as Hotaru. He turns out to be her boss, Takano.

i view:

it's soo funny!
this is one of the bests ever! ^_^
that's why i put ayase haruka (amemiya hotaru) in the spotlight...
i simply love this jdorama...

you'd miss half of your life if you don't watch it...


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

.gummy feat. T.O.P. - i'm sorry.

[music video]



Na~~ X24

geudal dashi saranghalggaeyo
olmana manheun shigani
urireul chinagagu chinagadon
saramdeul mudouril chokpukhaettchyo
ochonchi uneuleun uaenchi geudaeea binchariga namodugo haruchungil nunmul manheulryottchyo

mianhaeyo~ geudaereul apeugaehaeso
mianhaeyo~ haechongae nomu obsoso
mianhaeyo~ geudaereul ichimuthaeso
mianhaeyo~ hajimanuneuleun ggukhanbon geudalbugushipoyo

manheun yoja chongnae nunae sseuk deul aheun non
machi yonghwa sukae chuingung geunyoae ah reum daom eun
chol dae bbori chilso obtotnae
geu ron naaegae sangchoreul chodani
michin deutihohwihaedu nuechotchi
nae non moleul mudona gado cholggae
nal yongsohae pudakhae moreup kkulgae..
chaebalnaega gihwireulcho
mianhaeso ggeu chokidon pyonchideuleun dajjit oh poryetto
keunyang halmaritto chamshi naegae shiganeulcho ah~

ajikdu geudaega gaseumsukae naronhagu ittdamyeon
hengbokhaettdon geu nalchorom dashi gguk anahcholggaeyo~~woo
shigaman manheun nardeuli geudaereul himdeulgae hae ahpeugaehae ammudo sunnaemilji anadu
onjaena bilocholggaeyo
geudaereul doisanghimdeulgae haji anheulggae

mianhaeyo~ keudareul appugaehaeso (geudaelapeugae haeso)
mianhaeyo~ heajongae nomuwo opsohso (nan nomo obsoso)
mianhaeyo~ (chongmalmianhaeyo)
keudareul ichimutaeso (geudaelittchimuthaeso)
mianhaeyo~ hajimanuneuleun ggukhanbon geudalbugushipoyo


olmana manheun apeumgua
olmana manheun gutung gua
olmana manheun nonmoleul geudaenun gyondyo naetteulgga
olmana manheun apeumgua
olmana manheun guttung gua
olmana manheun nunmuleul geudaenun apa hagin haetteulgga


keudareul apalsuga
mianhaeyo~ keudareul appugaehaeso
mianhaeyo~ hejonhae nomuwo opsohso
nega mianhaeyo~ keudareul ichimutaeso
chongmal mianhaeyo~ saranghae

english translation:

when the morning comes will i be able to see you again
i'll love you like the first time we met

no matter how much time passes us
everyone blesses us

for some reason, your [empty]seat feels so empty
all day i cry

i'm sorry for hurting you
i'm sorry for doing nothing for you

i'm sorry for not forgetting you
i'm sorry, but today
i want to see you one last time

rap) TOP
out of all those girls, you caught my eye
she's beautiful like the main character in a movie
i couldn't get her out of my mind

but i gave you scars
my sincere apology is late
i'll give you all my tears
please forgive me, i'll beg on my knees

please give me a chance
i was so sorry i ripped up all the letters
i just have something to say, give me a minute

if you still want me in your heart
i'll hold you like that day when we were happy

those past days were hard for you
no one lent a helping hand

i'll always be on your side
i wont burden you any more

i'm sorry for hurting you (for hurting you)
i'm sorry for not doing anything for you (i really didn't)

i'm sorry (i'm really sorry)
beacuse i couldn't forget you (because i couldn't forget you)
i'm sorry, but today
i want to see you one last time

how many pains
how many accidents

how many tears you shed alone
how many pains

how many accidents
how many tears hurt you

i'm sorry for hurting you
i'm sorry for not forgetting you

i'm sorry for not forgetting you
i'm really sorry, i love you

i say:

my comments actually don't have anything to do with the music...
well, the music's good but what caught my attention is T.O.P.!
he's just so hott in this vid!
oh, and sandara park is in this vid...
can you believe it?
well, i just hope for her success in her homeland...

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Monday, March 24, 2008

.otome wa boku ni koishiteru.

a.k.a Otoboku


Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru revolves around the lives of a group of friends at Seio Girls School and their interactions with each other after the main protagonist, Mizuho Miyanokouji, transfers to the school. Mizuho is a nice person with morals who was born in a good and loving family, but after his grandfather passes away and his last will in testament is reviewed, it is discovered that it was his desire to have his grandson transfer to an all-girl's school - the same one his own mother attended and his ancestors founded. Abiding by the will, Mizuho crossdresses in order to attend the school as a female.

i view:

it's a short (12 ep only!) anime but really nice.
my favorite part of this anime is...
well, it's not really a part of the whole story but it's a short story using the otoboku characters...
it's an OVA...
and it's entitled, "tsunderella", i think?

watch fan-made opening:

[via crunchyroll]

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