Saturday, January 16, 2010

.pop girls- crazy crazy.

okay, so pop girls is actually a filipino girl group.
i think they're the first to do this kind of music in the pinoy industry.
yes, there are similarities with k and jpop. but then again, so what?
i don't think there's anything wrong with going with the trend.
it's better than novelty songs that are played over and over again over the radio.

so, crazy crazy...
by the pop girls.
hmmm... i have to admit, the name kind of sucks.
not much effort given.
oh well...

music-wise, i like it.
it's upbeat and it's catchy.
when i first heard it i didn't even know it was in filipino language. haha.
i wan't paying much attention to the lyrics and when i realized it was filipino, i was like,
omg, i didn't notice!

their voices are nice.

MV? hmmm...
i don't get the point of having to place the gay guy in the vid but otherwise, the vid was okay.

coreography was nice.
the girls can dance.
i guess they can improve more on being more synchronized but over-all, it was good.

about their style (fashion).
i don't think there's anything wrong with copying k and jpop artists' fashion.
maybe this would be a good opportunity to encourage people to dress up more.
hopefully, we'd be more adventurous and try our own style in the future.

live performance.
yes, they lip sych...
but then again, a lot of artists do that.
but i do hope they do it live in the future.

that's all for my music review.
i hope this gives way to better music from the philippines and become known in other countries as well.