Thursday, April 7, 2011

.kimi ni todoke season 1 and 2.



*Based on a shoujo manga by Shiina Karuho, serialised in Bessatsu Margaret.

Season 1:
Kuronuma Sawako's one wish in life is to make friends. That's a difficult proposition when everyone who meets this high school student cowers in terror! She just wants to be like her classmate Kazehaya-kun, a laid-back, easygoing guy.

Season 2:
Due to her long black hair and dark aura, Kuronuma Sawako's classmates avoided her and called her Sadako. However, after entering high school, she met Kazehaya Shouta. Kazehaya possesses a bright personality and is popular with everyone. Sawako gained the courage to change her life from Kazehaya and has experienced much since that time. During all this, Sawako's feelings towards Kazehaya grew ever deeper, and now she must come to grips with them.

i vew:
this is definitely one of my favorite animes of the moment.
i am so in love with the story.
kinda reminds me of perfect girl evolution but it's not actually the same.
i love the story, drawing, the characters...
it's just soooo good to watch. i love it! :)

Season 1 | Season 2

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