Sunday, April 20, 2014

K-Pop Star 3: Peter Han

WARNING: Contains spoilers!

Over the past few days, my blog has turned into a reaction blog towards an audition program that I've been hooked to-- K-Pop Star Season 3. Since I did a long post yesterday when it was supposed to be a 'skip day' for me, I won't be writing long for today. I will just be sharing an eye candy that I found while watching the third season of K-Pop Star-- Peter Han!

 Peter Han with the Shorties

 Lower right corner- Peter Han

with Yao Weitao

I am extremely sad that he got eliminated, not only because I felt like he had all the star qualities needed to debut in the music industry but because I genuinely felt like his last performance was so much better than some of the people that were chosen as part of the top ten.

If you don't know who Peter Han is, then you better read on. He's basically a contestant in the aforementioned show. He's from Austria and he has a very nice musical background. If I'm not mistaken, both his parents are working under the musical field.

In my opinion, he's the most good looking contestant in K-Pop Star Season 3. I will be leaving you with one of his performances with another contestant, Yao Weitao (who also got eliminated), the good looking Chinese chef. While they can't take their eyes off of you (They're singing the song "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", I can't take my eyes off of Peter Han! Sorry for too much fangirling. Just let me be. Jebal. Hehe.

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