Saturday, April 12, 2014

Real Man (Korean Variety): My Thoughts

So recently, I've been into this Korean variety show called Real Man/ Real Men. I wasn't really sure what to expect from it except that the setting was in the military. The reason why I decided to watch it in the first place is because of Super Junior's Henry. Somehow, all the news I've read regarding the show is all centered in Henry. (Or it could be because I only read the news when I see Henry's name in its title.) It was interesting for me to read about some of his 'adventures' in the military especially when he was just starting and his friends tricked him into believing all the lies they said about the army (bring cash for weapons, red caps are the managers, knowing girl groups is a no-no, etc.) Recently, I've read about him calling SNSD's Tiffany to score some points from his superior and that's when I finally decided that I must watch the show once and for all. Good thing there are subbed versions for me to enjoy.

So excited, he doesn't even have any idea.

I was expecting it to be interesting but it did so much better than that! I find myself tearing up numerous of times because I've been laughing too much. I don't know why but Henry's character is so comical, sometimes I even wonder if all of it is real. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if it's scripted but fellow SJ members vouch for his innocence regarding army life that even though it's hard to believe how clueless he is, I still do! He does unbelievable things I've never imagined one could actually muster up to do inside the military but sometimes, his baby face just makes me believe he's completely innocent about the world.

Dad, I'm right behind you! :)

Another thing that I like is his relationship with his 'Appa (father)'. It's nice to see him getting support from other guys since I really think if he doesn't get any, he wouldn't survive. I like that Park Gun Hyung has always been taking care of Henry as if it was a part of his nature to do so. (If you think you've seen Park Gun Hyung before but can't seem to remember exactly where you've seen him, think "Innocent Steps" or "I Do, I Do". That might help.) He doesn't get mad at him, understands him and always tries to teach him 'the ways' in a way that Henry would understand- because Henry is such a baby. Don't get me wrong, though. I love Henry and I think he's cute and being a military baby doesn't make me like him any less. :)

Currently, this is my favorite reality show of the moment. I have a few more subbed episodes to watch and I just can't wait to finish them all and continue watching out for new releases. I'm more than ready to laugh some more. Bring it on, Henry! I'm ready.

Have any of you watched this show already? Or are you planning to? I wanna know your thoughts!

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