Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Full House Thai: Review

So it's been a while since I talked about a drama that I already finished. Recently, I came across the Thai version of the popular 2004 Korean drama Full House. Back then, it was my favorite Korean drama (and actually remains as one of the top dramas I enjoyed). I was curious to see how they delivered this drama in Thai setting. It's not my first time watching a Thai production show but I've never tried following a Thai drama. It's always been Thai movies for me.

After trying out one episode, I was sold. I was hooked! The plot is pretty much the same as the Korean version. It is all about an aspiring script writer named Aom-am, who was conned by her sister to go travel to Korea while she (her sister) tries to sell out her house. During her stay in Korea, she had problems with accommodations and received help from a Thai superstar, Mike. Luckily, he was in Korea for a deal with a Korean company. She then returns to Thailand only to find out that her house was already sold... To none other than Mike! She then gets entangled in a contract marriage with Mike in order to get her house back.

What I loved about the show is how well they depicted the romantic comedy in Thai setting. I also really liked the leads. They were both good looking. The lead actress was super pretty. They kept on stressing how short she was but she always looked cute to me. Mike, on the other hand, is really hot! He's so good looking! And the chemistry between the two was just amazing. A lot of times, I suppress my smile but I always fail. They were too good together! And just so you know, the leads were played by Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul and Aom Sucharat Manaying.

WARNING: Contains spoilers hereon.

I loved everything about the drama except maybe for one salient point in the latter part where Mike was torn in between his promise to Mintra and his love for Aom-am. Personally, I just found it weird. It could be because of cultural differences but I just found it really shallow and I felt like they exaggerated a bit on how that promise ultimately affected the whole marriage thing. It took him so long just to let Mintra know that he is now in love with Aom-am. Personally, I didn't think keeping the promise in a way that would be hurtful for everyone isn't healthy to begin with that's why it was a bit hard for me to fathom why such happenings were occurring. But then again, as I've said earlier, it could just be because of cultural differences. Other than that, I enjoyed every episode, every moment. This is one of the best dramas I've watched recently, Korean dramas included.

If you're just starting out with Thai dramas, like I was, and if romantic comedy is your genre, I would highly recommend this lakorn/drama.

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