Tuesday, August 12, 2014

High School Love On (Ongoing): First Impressions

Alternative Titles: Hi! School- Love On/ 하이스쿨: 러브온

Hi guys! I'm back with another Korean drama first impressions post. This drama was recommended to me by a good friend of mine. She used to be my manager in my previous job and now we call each other "chingu" as we both share the same passion for all things Korean.

At first, I was very hesitant to try this drama out. For one, I didn't really find the teasers to be enticing. Two, it stars two Infinite members. Now dear Inspirits, I beg you to hold your horses. I don't have anything against Infinite. I definitely like Infinite, enough for me to actually support them in a concert (which I did in OGS Manila). But the thing is, I have no idea when it comes to their acting skills. This is the main reason why I was so hesitant to try the drama out.

If it was just one Infinite member, I would have immediately tried it out but seeing as two members are in one show made my dark side think that it was some sort of conspiracy between the producers and Woolim to get these good looking Infinite boys into the drama industry. Another point that made me hesitate.

But knowing that Woohyun is starring, I really couldn't help my fangirl self. Woohyun is easily my 3rd most favorite Infinite member, following Sungkyu, who follows L in my list. Sungyeol is also a likeable member so I really couldn't supress the fangirl in me and I gave in to the temptations, which I do not regret.

Granted that I wasn't really impressed with the first 10 minutes of the show, the other half of the first episode was interesting enough to get me hooked. In fact, it got me so hooked that I already finished all the subbed episodes online (4 episodes).

The story is very simple. Seul Bi, an angel or should I say angel of death, suddenly becomes a human being after trying to save Woohyun's life. Not knowing how to reverse the situation, she is forced to live with Woohyun's family as they are the only ones who 'know' of her.

For some reason, this drama reminds me of School 2013 as there are a lot of school related scenes but rest assured, the romance in this drama is definitely in a bigger proportion as compared to School 2013, which had little to no romance at all. After watching 4 episodes, I am confident enough to recommend this drama for those who don't mind waiting for two one episodes every week, as it is still ongoing, and just wants a light romantic, fantasy, comedy story revolving around high school.

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