Thursday, July 31, 2014

Witch's Romance: Review

 Alternative Titles: A Witch's Love/ 마녀의 연애 / Manyeoeui Yeonae
It seems as though I've left this blog to fend for itself for quite some time now. I'm not proud of it and I actually didn't want to but I've been busy with my other blog, youtube and review classes that I can't seem to squeeze in a time for this. Today, however, I would like to talk about a drama that I watched last June. I know this is a super late post but for me, it's always better late than never.

Witch's Romance is a show that I didn't actually have high expectations from. I was never an Uhm Jung Hwa fan so I didn't really care that she was the lead. To add onto this, I didn't know who Park Seo Joon was until I came across the drama. So when I thought I had nothing interesting to watch (anymore), I decided to go with this show after watching its teaser videos. I found them funny so I thought maybe the show would be funny too.
One screencap of their teaser photos. It's not all sexy, I promise! It's funny!
True to my expectations, the show was indeed funny! And despite the fact that there was a significant age difference between the two leads, I found the story to be quite entertaining and romantic at the same time. If you didn't know, my favorite drama genre would have to be romantic comedy so I was really happy when I found out that this particular show really matched well with my taste.

The plot is all about a love that is tested by a 14-year age gap and the horror of their past. One was left alone in the altar on her wedding day while the other was left in this world after his love passed away.
I highly recommend that you watch this drama. It's already completed so it's perfect for a good drama marathon. Oh, and I forgot to say that Park Seo Joon is an eye candy so I'm pretty sure most girls out there would be happy to watch the show just with his mere presence.
 This photo is included in this post to support my claim that this show is worth watching.

Let me know your thoughts once you're done with the show. I hope to write another good recommendation for you soon! ^^

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