Friday, May 2, 2014

Nisekoi (Ongoing)

Sorry for skipping a post the other day but I really just ran out of things to talk about that I just decided to skip. Also, it was my first day of reviewing for IELTS so I needed to take a break from a long tiring day.

Another anime that I've discovered through my brother after attending the Jump Festa is Nisekoi. Nisekoi is also known as "Fake Love". It is a romantic comedy that tackles one of the most overused, but NOT tiring plot of chilhood promises.

Raku Ichijou is an average high school student. He also happens to be the sole heir to the head of a Yakuza Family called the Shuei-gumi. Ten years ago, Raku made a promise... a secret promise with a girl he met. They promised one another that they will "get married when they reunite." Since then, Raku never let go of the pendant the girl gave him.
Then one day, a beautiful girl named Chitoge Kirisaki transfers into Raku's class. Their chemistry was more than off. There was not a moment where they were not fighting. But by a weird turn of events, Raku and Chitoge agree to become fake lovers. Although his heart is really interested in his classmate Kosaki Onodera, Raku must continue pretending to be Chitoge's boyfriend. -- MyAnimeList
Not exactly the type of anime that I would go gaga for but it's definitely a show that has made to my list of must-watch list just because it's entertaining as it is. The drawing isn't as impressive as other animes that I like but it has its own charm. In conclusion, although Nisekoi isn't exactly the type of anime that I would go for, I still like it and would definitely recommend it.

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