Monday, October 1, 2007

.rozen maiden träumend.



The second season of Rozen Maiden, subtitled träumend (トロイメント, toroimento?) has a slightly darker tone. Träumend is German for "dreaming." The episodes are more plot-driven and deal with topics such as "Father" — the Rozen Maiden's creator — and the inevitable conclusion to the "Alice Game." Jun does not yet attend school (he has much work to make up before he can go back), but studies at home and at the local library. He is much more willing and eager to go outside the house, and seems to have even grown fond of the ever-present dolls. Shinku has also been changed, thanks to the events of the previous season, but she is generally as aristocrat-like as ever, lecturing and punishing Jun at every opportunity. Several new non-doll characters are introduced, including a riddle-spouting, tuxedo-attired anthropomorphic rabbit and two mysterious men who operate a doll shop, one of whom bears an uncanny resemblance to Rozen. The final group of dolls also appear this season: Kanaria, the second doll, Barasuishou, who introduces herself as the seventh doll, and Kirakishou, the true seventh doll.

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i really like rozen maiden from the theme song to the story line.
i even like "kunkun"!
the second season's nice.
there are new characters but sadly, there are parts that will really make you cry.
i NEARLY did.
i really like hina ichigo.
she's so cute!
love her! love the anime! love it!


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