Tuesday, October 23, 2007

.my wife is 18.



Sup-Som Cheung (Ekin Cheng) has been working on his psychology dissertation for 8 years and is still unable to pass. He has chosen women as his topic, yet although he is now 30 years old, he knows little about women. His long time girlfriend also dumps him. It turns out that Cheung is expected to enter into a an arranged marriage to please his senile grandmother who raised him. His advisor suggests that even if he doesn't pass, he might still have fun. Yoyo Ma ( Charlene Choi) is the daughter of the other family interested in arranging the marriage. She has just turned 18 and so is summoned to England to marry Cheung. When Cheung sees Yoyo he is not really interested in her, but he marries her to please their families. Once married they agree to divorce at the end of one year and they write and sign an agreement on the back of the marriage certificate.


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this movie has a nice feeling to it although nothing outstanding can be pointed out.
and i remember my little bride's plot here.
although the happenings are quite different.
the actress was cute.
i'm more likely to assume she's just 11 years old. haha!
she keeps on jumping everywhere.
i'm 18, but not as energetic as her.
oh, and i watched it with 1 part (10 min.) missing. ='c

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