Saturday, September 1, 2007

.wishing stairs.



The legend goes that if you climb the twenty eight steps leading up to the school dormitory, counting each step aloud, and find a twenty ninth, a spirit will appear and grant you a wish.

The movie takes place in a girl's art school and focuses on two friends studying ballet, however their friendship soon turns sour when they find themselves competing for a single spot in a Russian ballet school. Yun Ji-seong played by Sung Ji Hyo, remembering the old legend of the "Wishing Stairs" wishes for a place in the prestigious ballet school, and in a shocking turn of events, she gets it, at the cost of her best friend, Kim So-hie's life. However, it's only when the extremely odd character of Eom Hye-ju wishes the dead girl back, that an unspeakable evil is released.

The film itself seems to mirror the ballet "Giselle", which girls in the film are studying. So-hie as Giselle. Jin-sung as Albrecht. Jin-sung betrays So-hie, which in turn leads to So-hie being crippled and commits suicide after her friend Jin-sung confesses she has hated her all along. When So-hie's spirit is wished back, Jin-sung is haunted by So-hie's ghost, and in the end forgiven. The film, however has a very different outcome than that of the ballet.

i view:

all the girls here make me green with envy...
they're all pretty esp. park han byul.
(layout theme: the barefoot beauty)
anyway, this one's a drama/horror movie.
it's nice.
it's not that scary though...
it's more on the drama side...

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