Thursday, September 27, 2007

.death note: the last name.



Yagami Light is a brilliant college student who, one day, finds a notebook simply titled "Death Note." Inside of this book is a list of rules and details as for the use of the "Death Note." When he realizes the power he holds, he decides he's going to make over the world. He wants to make it into a better place by killing those who do others harm. He has been nicknamed by the police "Kira." L, a brilliant detective who lives in secrecy, rises from the shadows and puts his life on the line trying to capture Light. Both L and Light believe themselves on the side of Justice, and the two match wits trying to show exactly which of them is "good" and which of them is "evil."

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i've planned to watch this long ago but wasn't able to.
now that i have, i can say that i'm satisfied.
i would've changed some of the events in the story but i guess it wouldn't be as good.
toda erika was really cute here.
and L was like, i dunno... he's L-ish... haha!~


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