Sunday, July 10, 2011

.the girl who leapt through time.


Quirky high school student Akari Yoshiyama (Riisa Naka) suddenly attains the power to leap through time after accepting a request from her sick mother to meet someone (in her mother's behalf) in a specified time. Everything gets out of hand when she mistakenly travelled to the wrong date and misses the opportunity to do so.

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i tried searching for the movie because i saw the subbed trailer at youtube and got curious with the story. it's a nice movie. although not as spectacular as i expected it to be, i can't say i wasted my time watching either. ending could be a bit better but i don't know. i guess there's an anime version of this one too? i'm not sure though because whenever i search for the title, i also get tons of links for the anime.

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