Thursday, June 5, 2008

.proposal daisakusen.

a.k.a. Operation Love



Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei have been friends since elementary school. Ken, is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he fell long ago for the lively and cheerful, Rei. But Rei is about to get married to another man. While Ken and other friends from high-school attend the wedding ceremony, a fairy appears and sends Ken back in time, giving him a second chance to win the girl he loves.

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this is a jdrama that will get you hooked!~
after one episode, you're gonna want to watch the next.
it leaves you hanging and yearning for what's about to happen on the next episode.
it's a romantic comedy so it's very entertaining... :)
plus, iwase ken was played by the all-adorable yamapi!
nagasawa masami (she also stars in the romeo juliet drama) wasn't bad either...
don't be disappointed with the ending...
(i'm not saying it's disappointing, though.)
although it may seem a little bit incomplete, there's a special that sets one year after the drama's ending...
so after this, watch the special too... :)


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