Thursday, August 9, 2007

Oh! Happy Day!



Once upon a happy day, there was a happy girl falling in love with a man at first sight and she started to stalk him...Jang Nara and Park Jung-chul collaborate to add a new and unconventional page to the modern fairy tale in this girl-chase-boy romantic comedy [Oh! Happy Day].

Hee-ji (Jang Nara), a hot-tempered girl with a strong sense of justice, bursts into [Club Med] standing up for her girlfriends who get rejected to a single party because of their supposedly [low quality]. Instead of obtaining a fair play for her gal pals, Hee-ji meets Kim Hyun-jin (Park Jung-chul), her Prince Charming managing Club Med, and believes he is the love of her life. As determined as a girl like Hee-ji, she breaks into his hotel room the next day and reads him like a book by stealing his schedule. Meant-to-be as it may seem to him who sees this cheerful girl almost everywhere he goes, Hyun-jin gradually grows feelings for her.

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in this movie, expect the
same old jang nara...
comedic and energetic!~


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