Thursday, June 28, 2007

.which star are you from?.

a.k.a. "what's your star ?"



A countryside girl who grew up on a hillside village in Kangwon-do is later found out to be the daughter of a rich family in Kangnam. How lucky! Overnight she has realized every person's fantasy. But is she really happy? Is she truthfully happy? The goal of this drama is to show how characters that seem like they would never be able to truly communicate with each other start to look at the world from inside the other person's shoes; the process of how they face difficulties with each other but learn to understand and communicate; the process of how they heal their pain and find themselves. And finally of how they discover in a fun and touching way that everyone in the world, including themselves, can be a hero. Whether you have a lot or not, whether you had a great education or not, whether you're old or young, whether you have found true love or can still be so lonely and tiring. Becoming an adult means opening yourself to others by finding out that life's lonely journey isn't only about you. Those who know this are the ones that can taste the true happiness of love. In the end, everyone's happiness comes from within their own heart. Our wish is that all people living in this desolate and gray civilization will be able to feel true warmth and happiness spreading through their hearts.

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before summer vacation ended, i met with my high school friends and got to talk with my bestfriend.
she told me about the drama "which star are you from?" which is shown in the Philippines at that time. (i'm not sure if it's still shown... haha! dunno if it ended already.)
she told me it was a good kdrama since it also has comedic scenes and stuff.
and so i decided to watch this.
it even got in the way of my plan to watch dalja's spring, which i have also finished.
anyway, back onto which star are you from.
it's a nice kdrama to watch.
i thought it was a very sad drama thinking that it all starts with an accident and such but it's actually funny at times.

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